false 2023 Tribal Water Media Fellowship | Four Corners Water

2023 Tribal Water Media Fellowship | Four Corners Water

2023 Tribal Water Media Fellowship

The Tribal Water Media Fellowship program propelled eight Fort Lewis College students into the forefront of artistic, research, and storytelling realms focused on tribal water issues. Each fellow, with their unique blend of creativity and passion, chose subjects that ranged broadly—from the intricacies of water rights to personal narratives related to tribal water.

The students' mediums were as diverse as their topics, encompassing podcasting, documentary filmmaking, and spoken word. The quality of their projects is a testament to their dedication and offers insightful perspectives on crucial water-related challenges faced by tribal communities. These projects not only highlight the importance of water in tribal cultures but also pave the way for continued dialogue and action in this vital area.

Explore the 2023 TWMF projects

A hand holding a corn tassel in a field of green stalks

Coming Home:
A Story of Seeds

Clara Bertany

documentary film

Rippling water and a desert canyon wall

They Call Me Water

Brooke Laughter

spoken word | film

A photo of an irrigation canal next to Hatcher ranch in the Ute Mountain Ute nation

Flowing Forward

Kaitlyn Lowley


A giraffe in the South African savannah

African Tribal Water:
A Maasai Angel

August J Mrakuzic


Smooth rocks in a flowing river

A Reporter’s Notebook

Juliya Valdez


Klara Goldman holding audio-recording equipment and interviewing a Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff member

Beaver Pod

Klara Goldman


Pine needles dripping water

Charlotte Smart

music video

A view of the Colorado River from the Navajo Bridge in Marble Canyon, Arizona

Indigenous Water Rights: Navajo Nation

Jacy and Cierra Charley


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Water in the Southwest is a critical issue to all who make this beautiful place home. Whether you're a community member or student, your engagement in these important questions is vital to our future. 

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