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Whether you're a researcher, a professional, or a resident curious about water issues in our area, bring your questions to the local pros. All of the professionals listed here are willing and eager to lend their expertise in service to water.

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Dr. Heidi Steltzer

Professor of Environment & Sustainability, and Biology

Area of Expertise: Global change science in mountain and Arctic regions
Phone: 970-247-7450
Email: steltzer_h@fortlewis.edu

Dr. Steltzer is an environmental scientist and explorer. She has spent over two decades conducting field studies in Colorado, Alaska, Greenland and most recently China to understand the impacts of climate change on mountain and Arctic regions with a focus on ecosystem function. She conducts research and talks about how changing snow affects plants and people through water supply. Heidi is a lead author on the high mountain areas chapter of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate.

“Water connects people across the Southwestern US to the mountains, including the tall peaks in Colorado and the hills in our backyards. At FLC, we can see and celebrate the water that falls seasonally as snow and sustains us.”

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Water in the Southwest is a critical issue to all who make this beautiful place home. Whether you're a community member or student, your engagement in these important questions is vital to our future. 

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Kaitlin Mattos, Ph.D.
FCWC Interim Director & Assistant Professor of Environment & Sustainability

Center of Southwest Studies, Room 265

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