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Whether you're a researcher, a professional, or a resident curious about water issues in our area, bring your questions to the local pros. All of the professionals listed here are willing and eager to lend their expertise in service to water.

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Dr. Cynthia Dott

Professor of Biology

Area of Expertise: Riparian & aquatic ecology
Phone: 970-247-7322
Email: dott_c@fortlewis.edu

Dr. Dott studies the interaction hydrology with floodplain forests. She focuses most of her studies on the Dolores, San Juan and Animas Rivers. At the core of Dr. Dott’s research interests are riparian community dynamics and invasive plant species, geomorphic processes and natural disturbance regimes, and changes in river flow dynamics due to flow management.  Dr. Dott also mentors student researchers in the fields of aquatic ecology, and riparian habitat changes, including how such changes impact wildlife.

“I find rivers endlessly fascinating and inspiring. Rivers have a wonderful way of highlighting the interactions between living things, water, land, and people. As an ecologist, I see interactions everywhere I look, and rivers have a way of weaving them together.  
I hope you can join me sometime in a walk along the river bank!”

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Water in the Southwest is a critical issue to all who make this beautiful place home. Whether you're a community member or student, your engagement in these important questions is vital to our future. 

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Kaitlin Mattos, Ph.D.
FCWC Interim Director & Assistant Professor of Environment & Sustainability

Center of Southwest Studies, Room 265

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